London 2009
London ist eine Stadt, die ich wirklich liebe. Ich weis nicht warum, vielleicht weil ich hier schon mehrere Monate (in Summe) meines Lebens verbracht habe. Ich war mindestens schon 10 mal da und freue mich noch immer darauf, wieder hinzufahren. In diesem Urlaub nahm ich meinen kleinen Bruder mit und spielte den Reiseleiter für Ihn. Unten könnt Ihr einige Bilder von unserem Trip sehen. Viel Spaß dabei, Harald
London is a city I really love. I don`t know why, maybe I spend there a few months (in sum) of my life. I was there, I guess at least 10 times (I stopped counting) and I'm still looking forward to going back the this city. At this holiday, I took my little brother with me and played the tour guide for him. Below you can find a few pictures of this journey. Enjoy, Harry
Westminster & Big Ben


The London Eye


City pictures from the London Eye

Tower Bridge & Tower of London

City Pictures

Lloyd Bank & Insurcance

Piccadilly Circus

Shopping at Covent Carden

Designed to make the difference!
Office Building at Covent Garden
Madame Taussads London

The Beckhams Mr. & Ms. Smith :-)

Mission Possible :-)

What else?

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Late Night with Steve Hildebrand


Well done Lewis!

Bobbele :-)

Bobbele again :-)

Sir Richard "I by the World" Branson

Jep, I can hear her heart ticking :-)

American Fruiterers
Canary Wharf & Greenwich

Greenwich Observatory & 0-Meridian


On the River Tames

  Millenium Bridge

St. Pauls Cathedrale

Harrods Knightsbridge

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